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Where is Cabo?

Where is Cabo


You've heard of Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas many times, but don't know where it is? Los Cabos is located at the tip of the nearly 1,000-mile long Baja California peninsula, and within easy reach of the US and Canada.It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, the world's youngest and most biologically diverse sea. The area is classified as a tropical thorn forest, with vast tracts of desert terrain tumbling into the two seas. Cabo San Lucas, at the peninsula's very tip, is where you find famous El Arco, the natural stone arch known the world over as a symbol of Los Cabos and its spectacular natural beauty. Cabo San Lucas is quickly becoming a high-end holiday destination with a number of resorts and timeshare clubs appearing along the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo.


A Little About Us


Cabo San Lucas has become an important vacation and spa destination, with a great variety of sites of interest, and Resorts that have been built on the coast between San Lucas and San José del Cabo. The distinctive El Arco de Cabo San Lucas is a local landmark. Cabo San Lucas has the largest marlin tournament in the world. In the winter, pods of whales can be observed in the ocean. They bear their calves in the warm waters there after completing their 6,000 mile migration from Alaska and Siberia.



Cabo AirPort

Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo are served by Los Cabos International Airport. The town is also a popular port of call for many cruise ships. Cabo San Lucas has a small international airfield, which handles air traffic for general aviation flights and air taxi service.

Cabo Weather

Cabo San Lucas has a tropical arid climate.

During summer Cabo San Lucas is cooler than San José del Cabo by about 3°F to 5°F. Sometimes during the summer, when winds blow from the Pacific Ocean instead of the Gulf of California, the differences in temperatures between San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are higher.

Cabo San Lucas is less rainy than San José del Cabo although hurricanes can bring heavy rain for long periods but because of the position of the city and orography the local thunder storms of the summer do not get near enough to bring rain to the town.

Average rain in the year: 9.63 inches or 244.7mm


Latest News

Cabo San Lucas
In 1917 an American company built a floating platform to catch tuna and ten years later founded Compañía de Productos Marinos S.A. The plant lasted several years in operation and experts in the area say that this tuna plant was the beginning of development at Cabo San Lucas.

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